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I’m trying to learn for my Programming class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

What does this code do? Are there any bugs? does the code require refactoring?

static void Cache(WindowsIdentity identity, FileInfo Source, FileInfo Target, Dictionary<string, ReplaceContents> rc)


  lock (lockThis)


  List<string> children = null;

  string text = null;

  byte[] data = null;

  DateTime? Source_LastWriteTime = null;

  // Get target last-modification time

  // Note: .Exists returns false for Directories, hence the Attribute checking

  //  .Attributes returns -1 on error (such as doesnt exist). Perhaps I should simply check this value? (would need further testing).

  bool Target_Exists = Target.Exists || (((int)Target.Attributes != -1) && ((Target.Attributes & FileAttributes.Directory) == FileAttributes.Directory));

  DateTime? Target_LastWriteTime = null;

  if (Target_Exists)

   Target_LastWriteTime = Target.LastWriteTime;

  // Read/Enumerate Source using impersonation

  using (identity.Impersonate())




  if (((int)Source.Attributes != -1) && ((Source.Attributes & FileAttributes.Directory) == FileAttributes.Directory))


  children = new List<string>();

  foreach (var child in Directory.EnumerateFileSystemEntries(Source.FullName))

  children.Add(new FileInfo(child).Name);


  else if (Source.Exists && ((Target_LastWriteTime == null) || (Target_LastWriteTime.Value < Source.LastWriteTime)))


  Source_LastWriteTime = Source.LastWriteTime;

  if (rc.ContainsKey(Source.Extension))

  text = File.ReadAllText(Source.FullName);


  data = File.ReadAllBytes(Source.FullName);



  catch (Exception ex)


  // Only swallow error if target already exists (assume cache has current version of file/folder)

  if (Target_Exists)






  // Source is a Directory?

  if (children != null)


  if (Target.Exists)


  else if (((int)Target.Attributes == -1) || ((Target.Attributes & FileAttributes.Directory) != FileAttributes.Directory))


  foreach (var child in children)

  Cache(identity, new FileInfo(Path.Combine(Source.FullName, child)), new FileInfo(Path.Combine(Target.FullName, child)), rc);


  // Source is a text file with a matching delegate for replacing its contents

  else if (text != null)



   text = rc[Source.Extension](Source.FullName, Target.FullName, text);

  File.WriteAllText(Target.FullName, text);

  Target.LastWriteTime = Source_LastWriteTime.Value;


  // Source is a file

  else if (data != null)



  File.WriteAllBytes(Target.FullName, data);

  Target.LastWriteTime = Source_LastWriteTime.Value;




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