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For this assignment, you will seek out and interview an owner or manager of a local bar, pub, or nightclub in your community to discuss risk reduction methods. The interview can be done in person or over the phone.

Use the six questions below for your interview because they are related to community risk reduction methods including occupancy, egress, fire detection, suppression systems, storage, and lighting.

  • Do you feel all occupants of your establishment can evacuate quickly in the event of an emergency? Why, or why not?
  • What training or education have you had that ensures you are providing a safe environment for your guests?
  • What are your procedures for evacuating the establishment, and are employees familiar with how to assist in the process?
  • What types of fire detection, fire suppression systems, emergency exit signs, and lighting are in your establishment?
  • How do you maintain an acceptable level of stored supplies that does not violate local fire codes?
  • What is your biggest fear regarding the safety of the public while they are in your establishment?

Ensure that you ask these questions about the establishment the interviewee owns or manages. These questions should associate the establishment with the standards necessary to minimize community risks.

After you collect your answers, you will compile your findings in a two-page essay that synthesizes the community reduction risks of the establishment. Ensure that your paper follows the requirements below.

  • Discuss the establishment, the interviewee, and the importance of community risk programs.
  • Discuss each of the responses you received during the interview to explain the establishment’s risk reduction methods.
  • Identify any potential or obvious risks associated with the establishment.
  • Compare your findings to a historical fire from your textbook by explaining how codes developed from that historical fire compare to the codes followed by the establishment your interviewee discussed. Also, explain how previous investigations help to prevent future fires.

You will write a minimum of two pages for this project. Ensure you follow APA formatting and guidelines, including in-text citations for your personal communications with interviewees (proper APA format for personal communication can be found below). Be sure to include a cover page and a reference page. The cover page and reference page do not count toward the final page count. Please review the rubric before you submit your original paper.

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Risk Reduction

The establishment in question is a local sports bar. The bar is in a single-story commercial
property. This commercial property is isolated. Additionally, it is made of bricks with a flat roof.
The establishment is equipped with a smoke detector and sprinkler system with riser room access.
The parking lot has plenty of room for parking, some leisure activities, and emergency facilities.
The building is not exposed on either side.
Barney is the bar manager. He had been with the company since its creation five years ago.
Barney has a certificate in food production. He also has attended first-aid training classes along
with crisis management lessons. Throughout his five-year period as a manager, there has nev...

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