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  • You will be graded on your answers to Chapter Questions.
  • Merely submitting them will not result in any points toward your eventual grade.
  • Your answers will be graded as to their substantive content.
  • Relevant analysis will result in partial credit even if the ultimate answer is incorrect.
  • It is not necessary to cite references in support of your answer.
  • If you do cite references, please cite in proper APA format or, if you are citing cases, please use appropriate citation form.
  • Spelling and grammar will factor into the final grade for each discussion answer.
  • Suggested approach: First, don't just tell me what you think the correct answer is. Start your answer with a brief (as brief as you can write it, without copying the full text of the Chapter question) explanation of the legal or ethical principle(s) you will rely on to answer the question. Next, explain the problem presented. Finally, write your conclusion. This form of writing is a bit (not entirely) like the Issue-Rule-Analysis-Conclusion (IRAC) format many lawyers use when they write. Basically, in writing like this I will see substantive content (that you analyzed the problem using the appropriate legal principles) along with a relevant analysis. Thus, even if your final conclusion is incorrect, I can "see" that you were analyzing the facts against the rule(s) of law that apply. I will also know that you have an understanding of what the textbook covers.

For Week 3, please answer Chapters Questions 10-7, 11-7 and 12-7 found on pages 259-260, 283 and 307 of the text, respectively.

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Business Law Today



Chapter 10 - 7
In the given case, Allstate was not liable to compensate Douglas. In the situation, Douglas took up
payments for the house after his father had passed on. The initial homeowner's policy was under
his father's name, Ralph. According to the homeowner's policy, as soon as the original homeowner
passes on, the initial policy will not hold water as it currently is. Some adjustments have to be
made to the plan to suit the changes in ownership that have been created. The origi...

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