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Please respond with 200 words; no plagiarism. Geo 215 Marine Terraces are beaches that are raised up by tectonic uplifts and in some of the most beautiful pictures of coastal areas around the world. Something that was cool for me was that they actually used pictures and accompanying explanations to illustrate a commonplace view of California where I grew up. One of the most famous large wave surfing locations in the world is called Mavericks off the coast of Half Moon Bay in Northern CA with high Marine Terrace Cliffs above it. The Marine Terrace Cliffs kept it a secret location for a long time. Surfing is a part of the culture in many places around the world today and now big business in clothing, sports equipment, etc. There has really amazing info in it if you think about your local areas and how the explanations make sense of commonplace things. What particular info can you apply to your interest areas? ...
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