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There has been a great deal of research into human resistance to change. Use the Web to find some of that research and identify things that can make humans less resistant to change. Write your findings as a 2age essay

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Humans always resist changes that are sudden or with what they are not familiar with .

1)People tend to resist changes in certain cases due to misinformation or due to lack of information . 

For example when computeraisation of industry was taking place about a couple of decades back or even about 14 to 15 years ago , many people were opposed to the idea of computerised because they thought they might lose their jobs . Though there was some loss of jobs but over the years these technological rose made possible opening of new job opportunities . It actually made work easier and created more jobs . 

2) Fear of being left behind , lack of competence -

As years have passed everything has changed rapidly . Competition has grown , requirements have grown . People do not want to take up a change which would actually lessen their importance requirement or make them look less knowledgeable . 

For example once the banking industry got computerised , there was need for learning of new software's to run this systems . But the people who were working previously in the banks and were used to old manual methods resisted this computeraisation as they were not sure of whether they could handle the software .

3) Temporary fad -

Many people resist changes because they consider it as a temporary fad . 

For example - When big screen smartphones came into the industry many critics and companies and people thought it would be not successful and will only remain for sometime . But after 5 years even giants like apple have been in pressure to produce large screen smartphones which they once resisted . 

4) Old habits die hard -

We have to accept this factor as one of main reasons because we too as people don't like sudden changes in most cases . If we are comfortable with what we have what to change . After all we are only human :) . 

For example - when mechanization industry initially tried to enter certain food and beverage industries they faced backlash because many thought that machine products will never be same as hand made products . 

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