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1Describe two different motivation theories and explain how a manager can use these two theories to establish an inspiringbusiness environment.

2Compare and contrast two classical management theories and explain the relevance of these theories to modern management.

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1. Describe two different motivation theories and explain how a manager can use these
two theories to establish an inspiring business environment.
The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a significant motivational theory that helps managers
establish the best working environment for their employees. According to the theory, a worker
will feel motivated to work harder and smarter when their needs are met and fulfilled. That is to
say that in a case where managers are keen on the needs of their employees, chances are there
will be minimal disagreements. The theory explains that employees usually have small problems
that need to be solved, and they graduate and become bigger. Thus, the some of the issues to
concentrate on are the psychological, and physiological safety of an employee, who will in turn
be productive. Additionally, when the social needs of workers at work are met, chances are that
interactions between workers and themselves as well as workers and their em...

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