Motherhood behind bars

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What four (4) major issues do mothers behind bars face? 

What can be done in today's prison system to mediate these issues? 

What do you feel should be done with a baby who is born to an incarcerated mother?   

What happens to the baby?

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Mothers in prison face many issues-

Shackling of women during pregnancy .

If children are older say 5 or 6years . Maintaining connection with their children is tough as they tend to live with their guardian or in child care . 

Problems with proper medical care , miscarriages , still births etc . 

Depression, substance abuse , physical and mental problems . 

What should be done -

Shackling of pregnant women causes a lot of problems and should be banned . Though most sets have banned it , there are still several states remaining . 

Imprisoned mothers should be given more time to spend with their children , mother is the base which every kid needs . even though she is behind bars she is his or her mother and this should be respected . Low offenders should be given access to their children . Regular visits will  increase bonding and will also help mothers to fight loneliness and depression . 

Medical care given to pregnant mothers in prison should be brought up to satisfactory standards . Facilities and doctors should be ready to combat any issue such as internal bleeding or miscarriage or still birth if such situations arise . 

Proper rehabilitation should be provided to these women who may have faced substance abuse or any other problems . Prison time is very harsh both mentally as well as physically , expert doctors and physycologist must be made available . 

I think children of imprisoned mothers if too small may be placed in prison nurseries with complete access to the mother . And for older children they must be placed with grandparents or guardians or family members instead of child care centres . After all family is important . 

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