Reflections on Education Policy

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What r the current major issues relating to education

How do u feel about related policies

What, if anything, has changed/is changing, and how does it affect u personally

How has your perspective been either reinforced/changed now that u r more informed

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Answer: People are spending a lot of income on education but everyone is not able to become successful in life. This is all due to one reason that we do not teach the students, how to become successful in life. We provide them information rather.

Teachers are not paid much against providing teaching services. Education resources are nor distributed among the students equitably. Educational policies are not reviewed by state government. Only teachers in universities are being given importance above all.

Parents have to increase income level through enhancing working hours resulting in depression in family to fulfill expenses on education of children.

If I receive information beneficial for society and for me, then this information will obviously change my objectives to get more education subject to some conditions. 

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