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Human language is more than a communication system. What are the unique properties of human language that make it different from communication systems used by other species?

Review the literature on the selected topic. For each topic, use at least two peer-reviewed articles that can answer the question(s) related to it. Engage your critical thinking skills. Carefully summarize the evidence you have found and then critically examine it. For instance, ask yourself if the available evidence is sufficient to support the interpretations that researchers have proposed, and/or whether there are ambiguities and unknowns.

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Running Head: Federal Government

Federal government

Federal Government


The relationship between the administration and Congress has been, subsequent to the
starting, a troublesome one. The authors set up an arrangement of checks and equalizations to
guarantee that there would dependably be such a battle. The characteristic pressure between one
branch composing laws and spending plans and the other branch doing the laws and spending the
cash has been a fundamental normal for American government.
The president can impact congressional enactment in various ways. My first point is
through the President's utilization of influence. In spite of the fact that, the president, in the event
that he is to be an effective persuader, must work through various other individuals. An
illustration is the VP. As president of the Senate, the VP has an a dependable balance in
Congress. He has an office there, where he can meet with individuals from both houses. Another
case is that the president utilizes individuals from the Office of Legislative Affairs. They are
individuals from the White House Office who function as full-time lobbyists for the president on
Capitol Hill. They meet with individuals from Congress and in addition with senior individuals
from their staff. The congressional contact staff are normally sorted out in a manner that some
work on the House side and others on the Senate side, wanting to develop great associations with
individuals whom they will become more acquainted with well. Thirdly, the bureau officers can
be conveyed by the White House to converse with individuals from Congress in their own
particular strategy zones (Abrahamsen et al 2010). George W. Bramble utilized Education
Secretary Rod Paige to offer his training change bundle to Congress in 2001. Fourthly, the
president can impact enactment through the gathering authority in Congress: the House Speaker;
the lion's share and minority pioneers of both houses; the gathering whips; the advisory group
seats and positioning minority individuals. At last the president utilizes other individuals to

Federal Government


fortify his association with Congressmen and Senators in a trust that they will work with him and
come around to his mindset.

The president must deal, he should make bargains, he should arrange with those with
whom he shares power. The president may for instance, make an individual telephone call to
specific individuals from Congress; welcome them for an Oval office meeting – either separately
or in a little gathering. He may even go to Capitol Hill to meet with a chose gathering of
individuals from Congress. On the off chance that a part whose backing is looked for of the
president, the president may offer to crusade for them in the following congressional races. A
prominent president can utilize this advantage to extraordinary impact. This is done to smooze
the congressmen and congresspersons and offer them bargains for example, more "pork" for their
electorate, which thusly will give them more to gloat going to their constituents as they seem to
be "making a living". "Pork" is the president's principle type of influence over congressmen and
congresspersons as he can pick up their backing consequently for government subsidizing.
Significant path in which the President may impact congressional Legislation is through what is
known as Pork Barrel governmental issues; this alludes to the Executive giving assets to a
congressman keeping in mind the end goal to get their political backing.

These assets generally concern a territory of financial requirement for the lawmaker's
voting public; itis in this manner the President's fundamental type of influence over both the
Senate and House of Representatives. The Presidential Veto is likewise a path in which the
official can impact the enactment procedure. The President has ten days from when he gets a bill

Federal Government


to either sign, veto it or 'pocket-veto' it. On the off chance that the President chooses to veto a bill
his complaints are sent back to congress where it might choose to revote the issue or overlook his
veto. In any case, all the more strangely, the President may on the off chance that he knows a
deferment is coming, put the bill in his pocket and "overlook" about it, this then slaughters the
bill and therefore shows his impact over congressional enactment. Amid his eight years in office,
President George W. Bramble utilized the veto on eleven events including his veto of the State
Children's Health Insurance Program in 2007. The utilization of a Bully Pulpit is another type of
impact that the President holds, it furnishes President with the chance to stand up and be listened
to on a vital matter. It frequently conveys issues to the front line that were not at first in level
headed discussion because of the Whitehouse's stature and reputation. Moderately late case of
this would be President Obama's atomic summit in April 2010, in which he utilized it to push his
plan on step by step instructions to manage atomic terrorism from the Al Qaeda. The most widely
recognized type of Presidential influence of congressional enactment is the State of the Union
Address in which the President can propose enactment that he would wish to be passed. As it
states in Article Two of the Constitution the President can, 'every once in a while provide for the
congress data of ...

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