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If your a visual learner. What are the advantage and disadvantage for online school for a visual learner. Do you think you will approach how you gather information and study differently with you been this learner.

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Dear Heavenly234,

I teach on line as an ESL English Teacher and an online Tutor.  I use visual stimulus to motivate and encourage students to become independent learners.

There are a number of advantages teaching on line via a computer screen.  Allow me to list them this way:

1.  Unlike in a classroom, the student sees exactly what the teacher sees.

2.  Animations can be employed easily to make presentations exciting and interesting.

3.  Most visual stimuli can be inter-active.

4.  Power Point Presentations can be applied with great effect.

5.  One is not limited by the four dimensions of the classroom.  It is easy to travel to any web site on the web, share screens and enjoy the visual experience together.

6.  Students can take their classes from anywhere there is a connection - this is a huge benefit.  Students in distant location do not have to take second best in terms of their tuition.

7.  No strangers coming into your home at night.

8.  Child safety.  Parents can casually monitor their child unannounced knowing that their child is studying in a safe environment. 

The disadvantages include:

1.  Technical hazards - bad connections, computer maintenance etc.

2.  Lack of body language can be a problem.

3.  Lack of computer skills

In my opinion, I believe that learning on line is the way to the future and optimizes the learning experience for students and the teaching experience for educators.  It is a win-win situation.

I think the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages for all learners including those that thrive in a visual learning environment.



Great study resource, helped me a lot.