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Writer's Block is a common problem that students face when having to write essays. In fact, writer's block even occurs for many persons when they have to write on the job.

What do you think causes writer's block?

Do you have any methods you use to overcome writer's block to get words on the paper (or on the computer screen)?

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Writers Block
Writers block is when an author loses the ability to produce new work or experience, and
this causes a creative slowdown. This is seen quite often in not only writers, whom you would
first think of when thinking of writers block, but rather in students as well. Students many times
get overwhelmed with the amount of essays and reports they have to write that eventually they
start to run low on energy, in regard to how to write efficiently, effectively, and creatively. This
can happen not only with writing, yet with other tasks as well. This can also happen with artists
when they are painting, or drawing a picture as well. Too much of one task can lead to
exhaustion and decrease creativity.
Writers block can be ...

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