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Proficiency Standards

Refer to your profile of an ELL that you wrote in your Week One discussion forum.  Revise this profile and describe your student’s proficiency standards as described in Table 2.1 (p. 51) and Table 3.1 (p. 91).  Based on these proficiency standards, the cultural and linguistic background of your student, and your student’s personality, design an activity and an assessment that will help increase your student’s English skills.

For the activity, make sure to include reading, writing, listening, and speaking components.  In other words, your activity must require the student to read, write, listen and speak according to the appropriate proficiency standards.  In designing this activity, think about strategies you would frontload to and/or work with the student. Think about how you would teach an EL student. Think about ways you will provide proper scaffolding to make the content comprehensible for ELLs.

For the assessment, create a task that measures the student’s performance of the activity.  Read the document, Performance Assessments for English Language Learners.  There are many different types of assessments that can be used to assess a student’s language abilities.  However, some of these assessments, such as the state standardized tests, may not effectively measure a student’s true abilities due to various reasons.  Standardized and other formal assessments may not be reliable and valid for English language learners because of the extraneous sources that can confound the outcomes.  Therefore, performance-based assessments and authentic assessments are said to be the best opportunity to gain insight of the knowledge and abilities of English learners.  Create a performance-based assessment that will assess content and language proficiency.  Justify how your assessment tool effectively assesses ELLs.

Your paper will include a revised student profile, an activity, and an assessment. Your paper must be three to four pages in length, not including title and reference pages, be formatted according to APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center, and use at least two scholarly resources in addition to the course text.

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