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Kindly answer all the five questions of physics: Electric and Magnetic fields for me.Thanks

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SPH4U ELECTRIC & MAGNETIC FIELDS QUIZ/QUEST/TEST 𝝁𝟎 = 𝟒𝝅 𝒙 𝟏𝟎)𝟕 𝑵 𝑨𝟐 Q1a) An electron is fired horizontally between two HORIZONTAL plates (with an electric field that points down) with an initial velocity of 200.0m/s[à]. Will the electron EXIT from between the plates then hit a target directly opposite to it? Explain your answer. What factors will affect the motion of the electron? Q1b) Suppose you conduct the Millikan Oil Drop experiment with ONE electron (q = 1.6 x 10 – 19 C, m = 9.11 x 10 – 31 kg). The plates are 2.0cm apart. What is the voltage required to keep one electron suspended between the two plates? Q2) Two current-carrying wires of equal length, 5.0cm, are parallel to each other, 1.0cm apart. Wire 1 has a current of 3.00A with a current flow direction into the page. Wire 2 has a current of 5.00A with a current flow direction out of the page. a) Draw a diagram of the wires and their magnetic fields using the accepted conventions for direction into and out of the page. Draw a fully-labelled diagram of the two wires. b) Calculate the magnitude of the magnetic field created by Wire 1. c) Calculate the force that Wire 1 exerts on Wire2. Q3) An electron is shot along the inner axis (the inside) of a solenoid (that is a coil) that carries current. Will the electron experience a magnetic force? Explain why or why not, using equations, diagrams, etc. Q4) Why is it dangerous to use unshielded copper wires in any electrical wiring? Q5) An electron with velocity v is introduced into a magnetic field, B and follows a circular path. (see diagrams below.) You know the charge of an electron, q, thanks to the Oil Drop Experiment. You can measure the velocity of the electron. You know the strength of the magnetic field. a) What other measurement do you have to make? b) What calculation do you do in order to determine the mass of an electron?
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