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PSY 4540

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Cultural Study

For this assignment, you need to select a culture and write a report on its traditions and how they might affect the counseling process (for example, consider things such as belief systems, communication styles, and rituals surrounding milestones such as birth, marriage, and death).

You should look for information on other cultures from scholarly sources such as peer reviewed journal articles (no more than 5 years old).

Create a report on your findings. In your report, answer the following questions:

  • What types of cultural traditions did you find related to this culture that might be important to know about in the counseling process?
  • How might these traditions affect the counseling process?
  • Sometimes a counselor finds a client's cultural beliefs or traditions to be in conflict with the counselor's own beliefs or traditions. What steps should a counselor take to resolve the conflict, especially if referral to another provider is not an option?

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Cultural Study
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Cultural Study

Throughout the course module, we have delved into the need for cultural sensitivity when
counseling people from diverse communities or groups in the country. Cultural sensitivity is
important in the counseling process since it ensures that the counselor observes and understands
the background of the client before coming up with treatment options (Hamer, 2015). Issues that
need to be considered include the belief system of the client, their ethnicity, and their practices.
The culture that I identified for this essay is that of Chinese Americans. There are several
cultural traditions of Chinese Americans that may influence or may be impo...

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