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Business Finance

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Part 1

Please provide the class with a status report on your Portfolio Project.
1. Briefly, explain the organizational problem you are trying to solve and how you propose to solve it.
2. Provide some evidence that shows that the business problem or issue does exist.
3. What are alternative solutions and why they are not feasible?
4. What is going well with your project?
5. What challenges have you faced or are you facing at this point in the project?
6. Provide a list of things to do you must still do to complete the project. Make sure to prioritize the list.

Part 2

Take the decision-making skills test at

Record your score and/or areas where you want to improve. Then prepare a 2-page ( double Spaced) plan on how you will improve your decision-making skills. Include a minimum of three outside professional references that provide information and guidance in improving your decision-making processes and skills.

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