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Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation analyzing capital sources of public funding and debt.

Include the following types of debt in your presentation:

–General obligation and revenue bonds

–Certificates of obligation

–Contractual obligations

–Commercial paper

–Capital leases

–Notes payable

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. Reference the student website as well as any outside sources used.

Please use speaker notes.

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Analysis of Capital Sources Of Public Funding And Debts

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• Capital funding is the sum that the lenders and equity holders give
businesses and investment projects for daily and long-term needs. A
company's capital funding involves both debt and equity.
• The enterprises utilize the sum amounts for operational capital. The
report will discuss the analysis of capital sources of public financing and
debts (Scott, 2019).
• Besides, it will discuss various types of debts: general obligation and
revenue bonds, certificate of obligations, contractual obligations,
commercial paper, and notes payable.

• It is considered difficult and challenging for an entrepreneur to get
capital to set up a new business and investment project. The funds are
required to meet the various requirements.
• The essential needs for the businesses are the acquisition of capital
assets and the capital market changes with the stock exchange. However,
owing to the unstable economic conditions existing in the economy, the
companies and businesses are to search for public sources of funds to
strengthen its capital (Scott, 2019).
• Most of the entrepreneurs that are setting enterprises face the
challenge of discovering outside sources to invest in. Many organizations
look for short term funding such as overdrafts and loans as a cash
alternative. However, borrowing capital is the only way to rescue the

• The general obligation is an issue that either given by the state, city, or another
issuer. The public liability is an obligation that the issuer guarantees the bonds'
repayment using any means necessary (Vandenhole et al. 2019).
• The most common issuers of the general obligation bonds are the states,
cities, towns, and schoo...

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