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part1: issc452 forum:

1. The development of a forensic lab for computers and mobile devices involves numerous specialized tools. Describe both hardware and software tools that might be utilized in such a lab. Use APA format, minimum of 250 words.

2. Select ONE type of software tool from the list below. Using the internet or online library, find an article, case study, or publication about computer forensics that addresses the specific software tool you chose.

1) Device Seizure by Paraben

2) ForensicSIM by Evidence Talks

3) USIMdetective by Quantaq Solutions

4) SIMCON by Inside Out Forensics

5) .XRY by Micro Systemation

6) MOBILedit! Forensic by Compelson Laboratories

part 2: issc481 forum:

Be sure to list your references at the end of your post. References must be in APA citation format, minimum 250 words.

1. Do you believe that training is a necessity in the implementation of new policies? Please support your answers.

2. Why are background checks important to information security? What purpose do they serve?

3. What can happen if management does not enforce the policies that are put in place?

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Part 1: Issc452 Forum
Increasingly the world of today, people are utilizing mobile devices and computers
more often, and altogether their usefulness in forensic investigations is paramount.
Digital forensic experts extract information from these devices that is crucial evidence
in a court of law. Developing a digital forensic lab is a complicated and expensive
venture for any organization. The lab needs to be very secure from any parties that may
compromise the validity of information in these places as electronic evidence is
sophisticated and prone to hackers. The lab is set up with specialized tools and types of
equipment in the form of software and hardware. The pieces of equipment need to have
the capability to produce correct and reliable data.
Hardware in a digital forensic lab manages and stores the original data brought in
from different electronic devices, copies, and analyzed information and software tools.
Hardware equipment required includes a computer and PC toolkit such as RAM,
monitors, printers, USB 2, DVDs/CDs, CPU, and external hard disk. A network server
with an internet connection, routers, and switch. Other hardware includes a docking
system, writer block, power connectors and cables, document shredder, and tape
drives(Khan et a...

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