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 answer the following questions:

1. What is the problem at her company that the student is addressing?  Does her literature review (WA#2) inform this problem at all?

2. What primary research does she want to conduct?  

3. Would you recommend any other forms of primary research for her?  For example, would interviews be helpful?  If so, interviews with whom?  Would a focus group be helpful?  If so, a focus group with whom?

4. Why will the primary research be important to her Human Resources Director, Joyce Smith?  Why wouldn't Ms. Smith be satisfied with simply studies and articles on employee retention and turnover?

Discussion 2

This discussion will enable you to plan for the third writing assignment. For this discussion, you will propose some problem you wish to solve, either in the workplace or your community, a target audience—specifically the decision-maker that you will eventually write to—and some primary research you would like to do. Be sure to read the complete directions for more details. Provide feedback for at least one classmate's answers.

NOTE: This is not your third writing assignment.  This is a discussion topic that is designed to help prepare you for the third writing assignment.

To complete your assignment, you will access the Assignments area and review the assignment directions.  Then you will complete and submit your draft of the assignment in your assignment folder.

Your third assignment in WRTG 394 involves writing a memo requesting permission to conduct research on the topic for your research report.  You should focus on the following as you prepare your memo:

Be specific - your assignment directions (located in the assignment area of the classroom) give you good examples of ways in which you can make sure that you are proposing a solution to a specific problem. You must answer the question, "How will MY workplace or community (this should be narrowly defined as your neighborhood, apartment community, base housing community, etc.) be made better by the solution(s) I recommend?"

Identify a specific decision maker (or makers if, for example, you are proposing a solution to a workplace issue in your department that might require action by the HR director as well as your dept. head). Examples of such persons might be your apartment community manager, the director of base housing where you are stationed, your department head in your workplace, or your commander for your military unit


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To: Donna Griggs, Head Administrator of The Surgery Center at Cedar Lake From: Barbara Chroniger, Receptionist Date: November 18, 2017 Subject: Request to Conduct Research on Paperless Check-ins Summary The front office can be quite busy. The surgery center sees over 40 patients a day and it is imperative that the processing procedures that manages patient information, insurance, and surgery details be fast and accurate. However, the amount of time that is needed to update their information and sign all their forms, takes time; this can interfere with the surgeon’s schedule and puts pressure on admissions to rush through vital patient forms. To streamline the process, without loss of accuracy, I propose the implementation of a paperless check-in system that utilizes mobile tablet technologies. With your permission, I would like to conduct research on a paperless system and the technologies that would be most suitable for the office. What the Problem Is and Why It Needs to Be Investigated Utilizing a paper based check-in system requires extreme amounts of physical documentation prior to a patient even being admitted to the surgery center. There are 20 plus pages of paper in a patient’s chart; these documents are printed every time the patient is seen at the center. This paper based process is not cost effective and is very wasteful; the systems increases the risk of errors with the patient’s documentation. Pages can become unorganized and go missing; an employee could accidentally miss an essential form that the patient needed to sign before surgery. These problems can be easily fixed with a paperless Health Information Technology (HIT) system. Patients would check-in, update information, and sign forms utilizing the mobile tablet solution. Instead of signing every page, the patient would have to sign only once. Throughout the rest of the digital processing, the patient would only have to tap comply, when asked, to add their signature to the document. This process would save the patient from writer’s fatigue and speeds up the administrative check-in process. Documentation accuracy is essential to patient safety. When processes are rushed or patients are flooded with an overwhelming amount of paperwork, mistakes will be made. When it comes to the treatment and safety of the patients, the center cannot afford to make mistakes. When mistakes occur in healthcare, the repercussions could be debilitating, costly, or even lead to death. Having an efficient paperless check-in process would minimize mistakes associated with a paper based system. What Secondary Research Has Been Conducted About the Problem Secondary research that I have conducted on the problem is a background review of literature surrounding the issues of a paper based system. While conducting that research I found many articles supporting the implementation of a paperless system; they suggested specific software, required training, and efficiency improvements surrounding the transition to a digital process. There are many scholarly and trade articles detailing the benefits and challenges that come with both a paper dependent and paperless system. However, many show the support of a paperless office. What Primary Research You Will Conduct About the Problem Primary research that I will conduct is a series of interviews from employees that directly face the struggles of the overwhelming amount of paperwork. I will need to collect data of the percentage of errors that occur, through a sampling of the current paper based system. I also, will get their feedback on their current processes and what they hope could be improved to make their job easier. Another form of research that I will do is an analysis of the patient processing times for a paper based vs a paperless based processing system. I will also do a cost evaluation on the current paper based system and compare it to the operating costs associated with a paperless system. What Benefits Will Result from Your Research There are many benefits that will result from the research that I will perform on this issue. The center will get a better understanding of the current check-in operations. The center will be able to identify errors that currently occur during processing and prioritize how to address them. Another benefit that would be present is the understanding of costs associated with the current paper charts that are printed and discarded. The research would also show the cost benefits that come with the implementation of a paperless system. Lastly, the center would see how the office performance and efficiency improves beyond its current state. Preliminary Ideas for Solving This Problem My ideas to solving this problem are quite simple; the implementation might take some effort, but the benefits will outweigh the challenges. The main solution would be to upgrade the current computer systems and integrate tablets to streamline the patient processing procedures. Staff member training would be needed for process familiarization with the new computer systems to ensure it is used to its fullest potential. A number of tablets would be needed, not just for the patients to use, but for the physicians and nurses to access the paperless charts anywhere at any time. When the patient arrives at the surgery center, the receptionist will mark the patient as arrived, allowing admissions to see the next patient ready to be checked in. At check-in, the employee will hand the patient the tablet and will go through a series of prompts that will confirm their personal information, insurance, surgeon, procedure that will be performed, and all of the necessary forms required before the surgery can proceed. At the end of the check-in the patient will also be able to see any co-pay or unresolved balances that need to be fulfilled or disputed before proceeding. Once this step is complete, all the information the patient validated on the tablet will be automatically inserted into the patient’s paperless chart and can then be accessed by the medical staff. Conclusion The surgery center is a busy organization that is troubled by the amount of paperwork and time that goes into checking in the patient for surgery. With your permission, I will conduct research on the implementation of a paperless system and show you the benefits of cost and efficiency that accompany the implementation of a paperless system.
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Discussion 1
Q1. The problem at the company is the use of a paper-based processing system that consumes a
lot of time before the patient is attended to by the surgeon. Moreover, it burdens the employees
who deal with paperwork; some pages might get lost and can lead to errors that might be fatal.
The literature review addresses this problem as it offers an alternative paperless based system
that is more efficient in checking in patients in a health facility.
Q2. The primary research methods she will use is the interview method include:
(I) Barnabas plans to interview employees in health facilities that face the problem of
burdening paperwork.
(ii) Sampling method. She will get the percentage of errors encountered when using the
paper-based system and the areas the employees feel to need some improvement
(ii) Analysis. She plans on analyzing the time taken for a patient to have the documents
processed through a paper-based system versus a paperless based system
(iv) Evaluation m...

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