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Below you will find the instructions for this assessment. You need consider the following situation and concentrate on the assessment portion of the ADDIE process.

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ADDIE MODEL ASSESSMENT The first step of the ADDIE Model is Assessment. Assessment data must be used to identify gaps between where an organization is performing and where they want to be. This gap could exist due to a strategic or organizational level change or issue (Strategic Analysis), the way tasks are defined or performed within the organization (Task Analysis), or the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the employees within the organization (Person Analysis). SHRM provides information in addition to your text that gives not only detailed outline, but also case studies: (Links to an external site.) You are to, consider the following situation and concentrate on the assessment portion of the ADDIE process. You are the HR Director of organization XYZ. XYZ is a domestic manufacturing plant that has declining profits and has consistent complaints of quality and efficiency of delivery of product. Using the assessment portion of the ADDIE model, describe the steps you would take to assess Strategic, Task, and Person Analysis. Within each of the assessment phases, give examples of information that could be found to account for the issues XYZ is experiencing. The answer should include the following steps: Org/Strategic: • • • • Review of organizations goals and which ones are being met/not met Assess resources the organization has to help with HRD processes such as location, facilities, expertise in the area of need? Assess the culture and climate of the org through a survey or focus groups Review production issues to include manpower levels/appropriateness, types of complaints, turnover, and absenteeism Task: • Job descriptions • • • • • Interviews Job observation, etc. Performance standards Industry standards for similarly situated jobs. Job specifications to include KSAOs needed to efficiently and effectively perform the jobs Person: • • • • Review of performance appraisal data Observe employees Collect survey data on required KSAOs from incumbents Collect work diaries Give KSA tests/evaluation
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In order to assess organization X,Y,Z, in regard to why they are doing poorly in several
of their metrics, I would look at the organizational strategy aspects, the task aspects, and person
aspects. All three of these aspects have their own items that fall underneath them which will need
to be analyzed.
For the organization strategy component I would analyze what the organizations goals are
and which ones are/are not being met. I would analyze these goals by not only categorizing them
by whether we are meeting the goal or not, but also by analyzing them to see if they are set in a
realistic manner. Are the goals too hard, and maybe that is why we aren’t achieving them. Next I
would assess the resources the organization has in regard to their HRD processes. I would go out
on a road tr...

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