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A larger pipe can fill a tank in 32 minutes less than a smaller pipe. If they both are turned on, they can fill the tank in 30 minutes. How long does it take each pipe to fill the tank alone?

Sep 2nd, 2014

Let t be the time for smaller pipe

Then t-32 will be the time for larger pipe

In 1 minute both will fil 1/t+1/(t-32)

In 30 minutes it will be full

30 (1/t+1/(t-32)) =1

30 (t-32+t) = t(t-32)

30t -960+30t =t2-32t


t2-92t+960 =0




t-12=0 is not admissible because t-32 will benegative

t =80

Smaller pipe will take 80 minutes to fill the full tank

Larger pipe will take 48 minutes to fill the full tank

Sep 2nd, 2014

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Sep 2nd, 2014
Sep 2nd, 2014
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