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Classify Whether a Pure Substance or a Mixture

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Classify each of the following as a pure substance or a mixture;If a mixture,indicate whether it is homogeneous or heterogeneous A) A chocolate chip cookie B) water C) Vodka D) A pure gold coin

Oct 21st, 2017

Hi Kendra,

First we define pure substance, mixture, heterogenous, and homogenous:

A pure substance is one compound by itself

A mixture is 2 or more compounds

A heterogenous mixture has compounds unevenly distributed

A homogenous mixture is evenly distributed throughout


A) A chocolate chip cookie: heterogenous mixture- the ingredients are not evenly distributed

B) water: depends distilled water is pure, whereas tap water would be a homogenous mixture

C) vodka: pure

D) a pure gold coin: pure

Sep 2nd, 2014

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Oct 21st, 2017
Oct 21st, 2017
Oct 22nd, 2017
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