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Could you please answer all the scenarios from question 1, 2 , 3 and 4.Answer all the questions please.

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SCENARIO 1: A large heavy truck travelling [E] collides with a motorcycle travelling [N]. The truck driver hits the brakes to avoid the collision, but she still hits the motorcycle from the side. (Nobody was hurt in this scenario!) The truck driver is wearing a seatbelt. The motorcycle rider is wearing a helmet. [Insert your answer here] SCENARIO 2: You ride an amusement park ride that looks like this; the blob in the diagram represents you spinning around: You start hanging straight down and as the ride starts to rotate faster and faster you “fly” out. [Insert your answer here] SCENARIO 3: You work in a scrap metal yard. You turn on the picker-upper, pick up a large metal car, lift it up, turn away then release/drop the car. [Insert your answer here] SCENARIO 4: You are standing on a bus that is heading [S] and travelling at a constant speed down a steep hill. You decide that you want to get off from the back door, start walking [N] on the bus while pulling your suitcase (on wheels) behind you. You ring the bell to let the driver know you want the next stop. [Insert your answer here]
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1. The truck hits the motorcycle even though the brakes are applied; this is due to the
concept of inertia. Inertia resists the change in the motion of the truck when brakes are
2. Momentum transfer from the truck to the motorcycle- transfer of momentum and thus
conservation of momentum.
3. Newton’s 3rd law is applicable here - The motorcycle crashing is the equivalent opposite
reaction of the force applied by the truck.
4. The ...

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