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How the Evolution of Technology Has Profoundly Changed Society How the Evolution of Technology Has Profoundly Changed Society Chenele Wallace Southern New Hampshire University English Composition II Professor Newsome June 5th, 2020 How the Evolution of Technology Has Profoundly Changed Society Introduction Rapid technological evolution has extremely reshaped the current society through advancements in telecommunication networks, computers, and digital systems. Consequently, it has enabled individuals to transfer information quickly and over wide areas, link distant and diverse places of endeavor through productive new means, and creation of communities that were decades ago were not in existence (Basalla, 1988). While society saw dramatic changes before as a result of various innovations, the current rapid advancements in technology have impacted various aspects of society, including media, education, healthcare, and transportation. Although the rapid evolution in technology has created new opportunities in society, there are negative impacts as well. Media Media is one industry that has evolved at a stunning rate in recent times as a result of internet creation. With the internet easily accessible, anyone is in the position to compose media content and make it available worldwide through platforms such as YouTube. Media content consumers are also beneficiaries of constant innovations through technology, enabling them to receive content that was previously below their notice. Through online distribution platforms, content creators are in a position to showcase or sell their products without physical stocking, distribution, or manufacturing. With technology, devices such as smartphones integrate social media outlets within their operating systems. These integrations are merging media while incorporating it into one another. Other examples include video game consoles, which are becoming home media centers, downloadable podcasts from radio stations and webisodes and TV on demand by TV channels. How the Evolution of Technology Has Profoundly Changed Society Education The evolution of technology has impacted the education sector too. With the help of technology, teachers are continually emulating new learning techniques. With technology advancing, and almost everyone glued to the internet nowadays, education is changing (Januszewski & Molenda 2013). Education has been facilitated by the introduction of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. As such, social media is developing a new tool for communication between students and teachers. Distant and online learning has been adopted by many institutions where they use webcams and Skype. Besides, students conduct research using the internets’ Google search. Society In general, technology evolution, particularly information technology, has affected society in various ways. Most notably, information technology has led to the creation of a new leisure group within society and impacted people’s way of life. Individuals can view other places without physical visitation, or attending sporting or artistic events occurring in other countries over the internet using communication and information technologies (Richerson & Christiansen, 2013). Through the same technologies, business enterprises have devised new methods of buying and selling goods and services. Mobile devices like smartphones have transformed the means through which people communicate, such as WhatsApp, and also offered new platforms for offering services in more agile and expedited means than before. With technology evolving rapidly, individual motivation and satisfaction are on the rise. How the Evolution of Technology Has Profoundly Changed Society People’s Health The integration of human lifestyle and technology has had both positive and negative impacts. First, technological advancement has enabled many nations to improve the general quality of life and save lives. Examples include the use of electronic health records, making it easier to store the medical records of patients. It enables doctors to make effective and quick treatments for patients. Over online mediums and the internet, doctors can upload details of diseases, and their respective treatments on the cyberspace and they are also able to provide online consultations to interested individuals. Without proper use and careful integration, technology can cause harm to people. Starring excessively at PCs or cell phones can harm to eyes. Others include body aches, distributed sleep patterns, and poor development in children. Generally, reduced movements and low concentration levels are causing several health risks to individuals (Kabene, 2010). Conclusion Through this text, entirely, the impact of technological evolution on various aspects of the society, including health and medial, has been outlined. The developments in technology over the years prove beneficial to the way individuals and organizations handle their activities. As a result, many human activities have changed as ways of conducting them have become more efficient and effective. And while technology evolution has impacted negatively on the society, the advantages that come along with the evolution stand out. How the Evolution of Technology Has Profoundly Changed Society References Basalla, G. (1988). The evolution of technology. Cambridge University Press. Januszewski, A., & Molenda, M. (Eds.). (2013). Educational technology: A definition with commentary. Kabene, S. M. (Ed.). (2010). Healthcare and the Effect of Technology: Developments, Challenges and Advancements: Developments, Challenges, and Advancements. IGI Global. Routledge. Morley, D. (2006). Media, modernity, and technology: The geography of the new. Routledge. Richerson, P. J., & Christiansen, M. H. (Eds.). (2013). Cultural evolution: Society, technology, language, and religion (Vol. 12). MIT Press.
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Technology Change in the Society

Chenele Wallace
Southern New Hampshire University
English Composition II
Professor Newsome
June 5th, 2020


The evolution of technology has dynamically changed the culture of modern society.
Change in technology is attributed to the recent advancement in a telecommunication network,
evolution in computer hardware, the introduction of artificial intelligence in the computing
environment, and finally, the development of the digital system (Richerson, 2013). Digital systems
have eased the mode of communication through the transfer of data communication through the
internet. Technology has benefited a variety of cultural sectors, including education sectors,
medical sectors, transport sector, manufacturing sector, and media. Consequently, technology has
also changed people's lives and, thus, their culture. People can see today's reason, thing, and work
with the aid of computer technology. Technology is driving the modern society cracked and void
of ethical, religious, and cultural practices that have been rendered useless by it. Change in
technology has both positive and negative effects on society.
In recent times, media is one of the industrie...

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