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Trace the argument in all the questions below and develop a clear and coherent research paper as per instructions and the attached rubric. o What is Opioid addiction? o How can it be prevented? If Opioids were never created, then would we be better off? o Explain your answers clearly by building a firm foundation and a clear thesis. Yes and No answers will not earn any credit. Instructions for successful completion of this assignment: . . · This research paper should be your own ORIGINAL work. . Please make sure that you include a minimum of five scholarly sources. . You can only use scholarly sources in your paper. You cannot use newspapers and magazines. . Your submission should not exceed SIX double-spaced typed pages (excluding bibliography- works cited per MLA). . Your submission should not be less than FOUR complete double-spaced typed pages (excluding bibliography - works cited per MLA). . Your paper should be typed using the MLA format on standard 8/12 X 11 inch white paper only - 12 point font – Times New Roman. Include a well - developed introduction and conclusion. Your essay should be clear, coherent, logically and neatly divided into paragraphs. . Please use third person voice only. . Please include your scholarly sources in the body of your research paper using the MLA format. Your bibliography (works cited) must consist of ONLY those sources which have been included in the body of your research paper. Please consult the attached writing rubric. Late work will not be accepted. . Please use anti-plagiarism submission feature on your course Canvas site and generate a report showing that your work is plagiarism free. You must attach this report with your hard copy final paper.
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Opioid Addiction
Opioid addiction is a subject that has gained attention for more than two decades due to
its abuse and escalation. Opioids are drugs for pain management in patients but have been abused
by users. Opioid addiction is termed as the dependence rate for this drug, which affects the daily
life routines of users, which, in return, causes withdrawal symptoms. Hence, it becomes difficult
to stop using the medicine. The escalation of opioid addiction has been on the rise in the US
since the beginning of the 21st century. It has led to many deaths. Pharmaceuticals create this
drug for medicinal purposes, but illegal drug dealers have turned it into the production of illicit
substances. The federal and state governments have implemented some measures to ensure that
opioid addiction is controlled. Hence, this research paper will discuss opioid addiction laying out
prevention measures and how the society would be without opioids.
What is Opioid Addiction?
The above-stated question has been asked and developed by thousands of researchers
across the globe. Many answers have been shared in research studies with others giving fulfilling
definition while some are understated or overstated in the process. According to the CDC (2015,
13), opioid addiction is the dependence rate on this drug that causes withdrawal symptoms,
affecting the life routine of users, since it is difficult to stop. It is one of the fulfilling definitions



that has been giving, and it will be the guiding principle for this research paper. Opioid addiction
has been influenced by many factors, with societal and economic problems being the leading
aspect. Prescription of opioid, when used appropriately provide relief to patients who have
extreme pain conditions. As a result, these therapies are disseminated in large quantities to ease
the pain of chronic illnesses. As such, it leads to quantitative use, overdose increase, and lack of
safety measures for this drug. In due process, it leads to opioid addiction, which is very hard to
control once it has escalated.
Furthermore, the (NSDUH) National Survey on Drug Use and Health states that more
than 3.1 million Americans are opioid...

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