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Compare the speeches of Dorothy Day at Union Square in 1965, MLK at Riverside Church in 1967 and Charlie Chaplin in the conclusion of his 1944 movie (last one found in Resources under "Chaplin Speech"). What messages for peace in that time (and our time) did they contain? Do you agree? Why or why not? From All Quiet on the Western Front, there's a scene of Paul, the German soldier, and a wounded French one in a foxhole; Paul says the two could be brothers, "but they never want us to know that, do they?" Who is he referring to? Who are "they"? What is the Catholic Worker Movement and its relation to peace?

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Different speeches have been delivered by phenomenal people all over the world. For
instance, Dorothy's speech of 1965 at Union Square-this speech presented a defining moment for
the Catholic community. The speech advocated for people to take a stance against warfare.
According to Dorothy, it was the obligation of the Christian community to ensure peace and fight
the war. It was their moral obligation. It is essential to note that Dorothy based her speech on the
Vietnam War. There were hundreds of soldiers financed by world leaders to engage in warfare. It
had resulted in so many deaths that she had to call for action among the Christian community
(Klejment et al, 1996).
MLK's speech was similar to that of Dorothy's. He advocated for the end of Vietnam and
called for the signing of a peace agreement. His speech condemned the Vietnam War and urged
America to take a stand against this war. He said the Vietnam War was financed at the expense
of the poor and if America cont...

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