my van abs light came on and car wouldnt move

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I was driving my van made a turn and my car stopped it was still on and running as I pressed that gas the speedomer (spell check) but it was making a noise like clanking type then I had a cop push my car out of the street and it made another noise sounded like it moved back into place and I could move my car again but I was to afaid to drive any where

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You have two probable problems..

First, the clanking sound if the clanking sound is coming from underneath the hood and the sound is more of a metal hitting or grinding each other, it can be something minor to pretty serious stuff. Minor is something like a broken pulley belt got stuck or got caught by the main pulley and it is hitting other parts, another one could be a broken water pump. Normally, this would create a noise of a grinding metal.

If the clanking sound have an impression of it is caused by a blowing pressure, this could be coming from a broken exhaust manifold. Broken exhaust manifold can also create a sound like clanking followed by a loud air pressure sound-like.

On the serious case scenario, if the motor is not turning or running, the first clanking sound heard was the valves hitting the pistons due to a broken timing belt. If the van is not equipped with a timing belt, then it could be pretty much a bad timing chain tensioner.

Second, the ABS light coming to on is normally caused by bad braking system. If the lights are on and you cannot move the car, this good be a sign of a stuck rear brakes. What do I mean by stuck rear brakes? The rear brakes are locked. Locked rear brakes can make your car not to move, even if the motor is running. This is common to some Mazda model and Ford models made by Mazda.

Solution, there is no best solution to your problems and for your safety, but to take your car to the certified mechanics and have them check your van immediately.

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