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MKT 435 UOPX Impact of Green Marketing on Consumer Behavior & Cultures Paper

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Choose one of the following changes in Cultural Values to review and discuss: (1) green marketing, (2) cause-related marketing, (3) gender-based marketing, or (4) marketing to gay and lesbian consumers.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which the interrelationship between consumer behavior and changes in cultural values is reviewed.

Find three specific examples of organizations marketing to these changes in cultural values. Examples may be mission/value statements, print advertising, web site content, press releases, among others.

Using these examples, what is your opinion of how the company uses the understanding of changing cultural values to create and implement its marketing strategy?

Discuss each example you found using specific information.

Include screenshots or copies of the marketing pieces you examined.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Green Marketing
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Green Marketing

In recent days the concept of organization strength has gained popularity due to evolving
organization’s strategies, student’s information, client preference and academic research.
Organizations are being forced to adapt to new methods of production that are addressing the
community inequalities and consumer interests. The destruction of the ozone layer, marine
ecosystem and production of acids that fall as rain has made companies to find ways for controlling
the problem. That is the reason why the green product has gained a lot of p-popularity in recent
days. This paper will discuss green marketing and how it has impacted the consumer behavior and
change in cultures.
Green Marketing and Sustainable Development
Green marketing refers to the idea of promoting products or services that have
environmental benefits. The product or services might be environmentally friendly itself, or it
might be produced in an environmentally friendly method. The environmental benefits include
manufacturing in a sustainable fashion, not using excess packaging, producing products that can
be recycled. Green marketing is promoted and practised by organizations that are committed to
social responsibility and sustainable development. Recently more organizations are embracing
green marketing because it is a strategy that can make their products more attractive to the
consumers and reduce the production costs (Ward, 2020). The organizations are also discovering
that sustainable production and products can be used to promote the brand image of an organization
among socially conscious customers. The only problem with green marketing is that sustainable
practices such as green procurement are that it is costly in the short-run. There is more upfront cost



associated with going green, but the rewar...

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