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BPA 371

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Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that identifies, describes, and explains the following issues:

  • How governments pay for the maintenance of infrastructure and the services they provide, including methods outside of taxation
  • How budgets within governmental relationships are created and monies are expended on projects
  • Methods of communication within intergovernmental relationships to address funding and fiscal responsibility

Consider the following questions:

  • How do the "home rule" concerns and influences affect the financial administration of the project?
  • What organizational methods are used to improve the chances for success in attaining goals?
  • How do sound and responsible budget considerations positively relate to the intended project goals?
  • Why is it important to be able to secure funding from additional sources if programs go over budget?

Include the responsibilities of key players, such as the overall administrators, chief financial officers, and any appropriate elected officials.

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Here you go! Please let me know if you have questions or revisions. Again, I appreciate that you recognized something "odd" and provided more time. We live in thunderstorm world and that's been evident all day...In our rural community even cell phones are dependent only on wi-fi.😀 I have included an outline. Copyscape shows no plagiarism. :-)

Government Financing
Thesis statement: Income tax is the amount charged on an individual from earnings, corporate
tax is the amount charged on legal entities, and duty fee is the amount paid for importing or
exporting goods and services.

Payment for Infrastructure
a) Governments pay for construction, maintenance, and operation of a public
physical and organized facility such as roads and power supply in different
ways. The source of funding may be from taxation or non-tax revenue sources.
b) On the other hand, indirect taxation is the tax imposed on goods and services,
and the bearer does not pay directly for the tax. Non-tax sources are any other
sources of government expenditure apart from taxation ( Hale, Britt, & Gibbons,


a. Government budgets on projects are prepared in a periodical manner before the
budget can be approved for a specific project. Agencies and departments submit
their budget proposals, the controller of budgets, representatives of the house, and
the senate prepare budget resolutions.
b. The government manages projects in different ways, such as; appointing a
committee to oversee the project. A private body may be hired to oversee the
project, the beneficiaries may supervise the project, and the general public is also
responsible for controlling project budget public representation.

c. The government may award the project's management to the benefitting body or
department, such as county government or a particular ministry (Robson, Laurin &
Wyonch, 2018).

Methods of communication
a. Government bodies and departments communicate to the national government to
acquire funding and financial allocations through writing, public meetings,
emailing, and calling through the appropriate channel and representation.
b. A department should communicate with the government in a periodical manner.
The body determines the methods of teaching to the stakeholders that include
beneficiaries, the general public and agencies.


Home Rule



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Governments and Financing
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Governments pay for the constructio...

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