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Discuss the importance of prices in the healthcare industry, traditional methods for paying healthcare organizations, and how these may impact the pricing. Discuss the impact of the various reimbursements  (Medicare, Medicaid, Private, or Self-Pay.

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It is very important as I am getting medi-cal myself because the US health care system is a mess and with Obama care it should be able to help patients like myself have easier access to clinics and discounts on medicines. Lots of people including myself for a period of time did not have health insurance and could not afford to have private or self-pay health insurance. It also helps the elderly and the disables even more as even they for a long time did not have access to see a doctor in a hospital or nevertheless health insurance. I am actually enrolled through Blue Cross and have medi-cal myself and know I have easier access to see a doctor and go to the emergency free of charge.

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