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Need help with my Programming question - I’m studying for my class.

Need sql code  for sql command line

3.  Raise the price of the PARTs 5%.  Display the current data plus the new price.  Arrange the output so the quantity on hand descends.

4.  Show the TEACHERs’ original homeroom numbers and the homeroom numbers without the character suffix (i.e. 10C would be 10).

5.  Using the table STUDENT_CLASS, give me the class ID and the total number of students registered for each class.

6.  I would like to know how many boats are at each marina.  This information must come from the table MARINA_SLIP.

7.  By category number, with grand totals, give me the number of SERVICE REQUESTs, total estimated hours, total hours spent and total remaining hours.

8.  What STUDENTS have Fran in their name?  Display the results in descending school id sequence.

9.  List BOOKs published by Jove, Penguin, Plume and Scholastic.  Organize by title within publisher.

10. By quantity descending within warehouse, display PARTs with quantity on hand > 25 or in warehouse 3.

11. Display CUSTOMER number, name, rep, balance, and credit limit for all CUSTOMERs of Rep 20.  In addition, display this information for CUSTOMERs of rep 65 who have a $10,000 credit limit.  Arrange the output by credit limit descending within rep ascending. no more than two decimal digits

12. What is the total cost to give teachers who currently earn less than $50,000 a 10% raise?  Use the SALARY table. no more than two decimal digits

13. What is the average royalty per book for the titles in ROYALTY_SCHEDULE? no more than two decimal digits

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