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  1. This portion of the assignment gives you practice summarizing key ideas from others’ narratives—a critical skill for reporting in criminal justice professions. You also expand on your awareness about current professional issues and share your knowledge with classmates.
    Read 1 of the interviews posted by a classmate in the Juvenile Justice Interviews Cumulative Discussion at the top of the Course Content page.
    Search 1 of the websites listed below for a report that contains current information related to the responses in the interview.
    Choose a report that could be helpful or interesting to the person interviewed that you would recommend to them:
    Write a summary of the online report.
    Explain how the information from it might benefit this individual during their employment in juvenile corrections.
    Post your 100-175-word reply to the Juvenile Justice Interviews Cumulative Discussion as a response to the original interview.

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CJS/245 v5 Juvenile Justice Interviews Week 3 – Conduct Interview • Interview the youth corrections officer or other professional candidate you selected in Week 1 who works directly with youth in juvenile corrections. Use the interview template below as a guide, and note your candidate’s responses to your questions. • Post the responses from your completed interview template to the Juvenile Justice Interviews discussion. Interview Template 1. What is your job title? What do you do in your role? What aspects of the juvenile justice system do you work with? How do you help juveniles at risk? I am a detentions officer at CoreCivic in Nashville, Tennessee. I work with adults, families, and also juveniles. With Juveniles my role is to maintain the safety, security, and the rehabilitation of juveniles at risk. I support and supervise their daily activities in the facility, supervise meals, and get them involved into juvenile probation programs. 2. Why did you choose this career? What do you enjoy about working with juveniles? What are the biggest challenges? I chose this career because as most detentions/corrections officers want to help people and help change lives. I believe in reforming the juveniles at a young age so they do not pose a threat to themselves and the community when they become adults. I enjoy working with juveniles because being around them keeps me young at heart. One of the challenges working with juveniles is that at times, they do not understand fully from right and wrong and are careless of consequences which makes it difficult to rehabilitate. 3. What have you learned from your mistakes (or others’ mistakes) while working with juveniles? A mistake I made my first few months on the job was talking to the juveniles as if they were criminals instead of showing sympathy and empathy. I learned talking to them as human beings made my job a lot easier without them disliking me. 4. What policy, procedure, or other aspect of the juvenile justice system would you change to improve it? Copyright 2020 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. Juvenile Justice Interviews CJS/245 v5 Page 2 of 2 I would not change a thing in the policy and procedures in the juvenile justice system. I feel the standards of the juvenile system is up to par in regards of the rehabilitation and the success of reintegration of juveniles back into the community. 5. Has your career been rewarding, knowing that what you do is providing a role model example and changing the lives of youths? Why? Yes. My job is very rewarding knowing that what I do everyday is changing lives. The fact that I can build a relationship, provide guidance, and mentor the juveniles gives me purpose in life. Copyright 2020 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.
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