Discuss the Difference of Social Media Now from Six Years Ago

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Privacy and Facebook Take a moment 2 read some of the available articles n consider how concepts of private n public information r different now versus 6 yrs ago Has the change been for the better Y or Y not

Wht should the modern social media share

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Facebook has a very long terms and conditions before you sign up . Most of the people don't read it . 

About 5 to 6 years back facebook was quite strict when it comes to privacy . You personal information or photos would not be available to anyone and only some information will be available for this with whomever you are connected on site or to the groups . Year later certain amount of your information which you allow will be available to a particular community . Soon profile information was made available to people by default unless you adjust settings . Most new users will take some time to do it . Then came graph search , timeline . 

Graph search tends to search like Google using terms and other words smartly such as 'pops burger join' . For example if you have worked there or maybe liked it or is in your activities then you get displayed in search . 

Timeline was little bit intrusive initially and forced in a way . You had to provide a cover photo and your activities and intsets , books you read , your habits , movies etc were displayed . Though certain privacy settings were placed , facebook made it tougher for people to cover up everything . 

Ads make privacy even more far to reach . Your personal interests likes are used forgive you a set of ads . Though you can make a specific ad no longer appear , other ads are shown unless you add an blocker to your site . 

Facebook share policy over the years has turned for user sensitive to complete invasion . They are now protecting themselves using the set of complex terms and conditions . 

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