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Social Media and Internet in Disaster Crisis and Management Questions

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Listen to “The Daily” podcast episode from May 24,2018 (Links to an external site.) (23 min) - (Links to an external site.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Social Media and the Internet undoubtedly give us helpful tools for crisis response and management. That said, there are negatives that can sometimes outweigh the positives. 1. Discuss the ways that the changing media landscape is affecting the psychosocial consequences of disaster, for better or for worse. 2. Reflect on the ways that media (social or otherwise) positively and negatively impact crisis management. How can we quell the rumor mill? How do we combat further traumatization? ...
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Social Media and the Internet in Disaster Crisis and Management


Social Media and the Internet in Disaster Crisis and Management
The internet and social media have become an integral part of the disaster responses. People rely
on platforms like Facebook and Twitter to keep informed, notify authority, locate loved ones,
and express support. The trend had changed since the old days when one-way communication
where only the official sources provided the bulletins on disaster news. The media has both
positive and negative impacts during crisis management.
The changing media landscape is affecting the psychosocial consequence of disaster for worse.
Currently, most of t...

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