KPU The Vietnam Trilogy of Oliver Stone Research Paper

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Students will view these films and then create a researched and supported argument. The key questions are given above. All of them revolve around the issue of doing “good history.” Each one of them requires an answer to the question and then support of your answer. Why do you say that?

You will not be able to say everything there is to say about these films, so you will want to pick a particular theme or issue (characters, events, idea, etc) and make that the focus of your argument about the films as good historical analyses.


In order to do this and have a verifiable argument, you will need to have a minimum of five sources (three of which MUST be academic sources).

Each argument is to be a minimum of 5 pages (1250 words). This does not include a title page, charts/photos, and Assignment submission checklist: Formatting

 Double-spaced

 1” margin (both sides, top, and bottom)

 Times Roman 12-point font

 Includes the following information, double-spaced, in the top, left-hand side of the page, each item on one line: Line 1: Complete names and student numbers of all participants; Line 2: Instructor’s name; Line 3: Course title, number, and section; Line 4: date of submission; (for a sample, please see

 No extra space between paragraphs (indicate new paragraphs by indenting the first line of each paragraph)

 Justify the left margin but not the right

 Include your name(s) and the page number in the upper right corner

 Title (hopefully more than simply “Assignment 1) in the centre position above the first line of the


 Has a bibliography in Chicago style

Assignment Structure

 Introduction begins by providing relevant contextual (background) information

 Introduction ends with a clear thesis statement (see above for the phrasing I require)

 Thesis statement is not a fact or an opinion, but a clear argument about the topic

 Each of the paragraphs begins with a topic sentence

 Topic sentences are not statements of fact. Rather, they are debatable/arguable statements.


5  Conclusion does not merely restate the thesis. Rather, it suggests why this argument is important


 Quotations are used to support the argument

 Quotations are properly cited

 Paragraphs do not begin or end with quotations

 Quotations are introduced with appropriate contextualisation and signal phrasing. They are then

followed with analysis

 Unnecessary words in the quotation are replaced with elipses (...)

KPU The Vietnam Trilogy of Oliver Stone Research Paper
KPU The Vietnam Trilogy of Oliver Stone Research Paper

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Final Answer


Outline of the Paper
The paper has been done as follows
The study of history influence human activities in many ways. Good history can be depicted in
many ways in films.
Body 1: Reality
The real life depiction in the three films are proof for goof history.
Body 2: Abnormal
The unusual events in Born on the Fourth of July and heaven and Earth are evidence of good
historical materials
Body 3: Evidence
The three movies are not just fictions, they are based on life experiences that can be supported by
other sources. They are historically accurate
Body 4: Audience engagement
Evoking the emotions of the audience is a proof for a good historical film as in the Heaven and
Earth and Platoon films
The four evidences are well depicted in the films as proof for good history.


Course Title
Due Date

The study of history encompasses many facts. The benefits of acquiring considerable
knowledge about history are beyond count. History reveals lots of exciting moments and events
that existed in the past. It also evokes fascinating characters who lived at one moment. History
has the sole purpose of giving humanity a perspective of self-realization and awareness by
understanding the present life (Stern 1970).1 In this way, understanding also able to predict and
prepare for future growth. These concepts can be well understood and taken care of by good
history. Many films depict an excellent history using their storylines, scenes, characters, and like.
Good history gives the desirable and appropriate definition of events in the past to make them
realistic to historians. Good history enables humanity to have proper self-realization as well as
better planning for the future.
Oliver Stone had shocking experiences while in the war in Vietnam. The three films
depict excellent history because of their realistic nature of what happens in wars. In this film, it is

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