BPA 371 University of Phoenix Week 4 Cooperation Among Government Entities Essay

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BPA 371

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Write a 1,050 to 1,400-word paper that addresses the roles of governors, county executives, and mayors to facilitate cooperation and communication between governmental entities with regard to accomplishing common goals.

Identify mechanisms that promote communication to resolve disputes on issues of a mutual concern.

Identify possible hurdles affecting cross jurisdictions such as bureaucracies and red tape, which could hinder services.

Include fiscal concerns, if any.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines, including a list of references with at least three to five peer-reviewed sources.

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Cooperation Among Government Entities
The local, state and federal governments need to work together to ensure that the country
runs smoothly. Most of the local units of government usually have their powers and roles defined
in the charters provided by the legislature. The charter outlines the responsibilities and duties of
every level of government. It also ensures that all the government bodies exercise their powers to
complete their tasks.
The governments are made up of three branches: executive, judicial, and legislative. The
executive is governed by the county executive and governors, while the legislative branch is
governed by legislatures, which consists of elected representatives. The state judicial branches
are governed by state supreme courts.
In each state, the executive is overseen by a governor who is elected by the people.
Governors, serve as chief executive officers in states and the five commonwealths and territories.
They are tasked with the implementation of state laws and governing the overall operations of
the state executive branch. However, governors do not work alone. They undertake their
leadership and management duties and objectives through the support and help of department
and agency leaders.
County executives
The county executive is charged with a range of significant duties for the county
government. These duties include managing county finances, overseeing county meetings, carry
out enforcement duties, and supervising the county agencies and departments.

A mayor serves as an elected leader of the municipal government. The strong-mayor acts
a the chief city officer. In contrast, the weak mayor acts as the head of the city council but has no
higher authority than the council members.
Mechanisms That Promote Communication and Cooperation
Every level of the government is classified into three branches: the legislative, the
executive, and judicial. The legislative makes laws while the executive executes the laws made.
The judicial branch evaluates the passed laws to ensure that they are valid, applies the passed
laws to specific court cases, and ascertains whether an individual has broken the law.
Problems That May Hamper Cross Jurisdictions
Even as the government at different levels cooperate effectively, it is still possible to
experience problems. Economic crises and challenges, as well as disasters, can make it hard for
decisions to be made concerning resource allocation. Increased citizen demands might make it
hard for leaders at different levels to find enough resources and satisfy the needs of all citizens.
Lastly, relying on past solutions or ideas presented by...

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