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NO ("OUTSIDE") INTERNET SOURCES OF ANY KIND: not quoted, not paraphrased (i.e. no use of concepts/information/opinions that come from outside our course materials), not plagiarized. Do not change one word here and there to copy things from the course materials or the internet.

Use only course materials (e.g. use the videos, readings, and recorded mini lectures from weeks 5 and 6 to help you understand whatever you choose to explain).

Materials for Week 5

Materials for Week 6

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Use your ideas. Remember this is not an essay or a research assignment! Explain in your own words and give specific examples (from the course materials, or examples of your own).

Submit your assignment in a Word document through SafeAssign by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, July 2nd. SafeAssign helps catch any plagiarism.

Based on the course materials answer the following two questions. Answer both questions together as one unified answer of 600-700 words.

  • Explain how Gary Gutting reinterprets Pascal’s Wager argument in his article “Pascal’s Wager 2.0.” In your answer, make sure to explain the main differences between Pascal’s argument and Gutting’s reinterpretation of Pascal’s argument.
  • Do you find Gutting’s ideas convincing? Which idea or ideas? Explain why and give specific examples. Also, are there any of his ideas that you do not find convincing? Which ones? Explain why and give specific examples.

Keep in Mind:

  • The assignment is very brief and focused and requires 1. an explanation and 2. your own reflection/commentary on the specific ideas explained. It is NOT a "research assignment." You should not even quote from the course materials (readings, videos, recorded mini lectures, etc.). The whole point is for you to express correctly the ideas from the course materials in your own words, and also to express your own commentary or reflection based on the correct understanding of the course materials.
  • You must write this assignment yourself. If it appears that someone has written this work for you, in whole or in part, a charge of academic dishonesty might be brought against you and you might face sanctions.

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Running head: PASCAL’S WAGER 2.0


Pascal’s Wager 2.0
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Pascal’s Wager 2.0

In the article titled “Pascal’s Wager 2.0,” the author, Gary Gutting, attempts to reinterpret
Pascal’s argument about the belief in God’s existence. Fundamentally, Blaise Pascal’s argument
is dual-sided and is shaped in a gambler’s way of thinking. The philosopher seems to believe that
believing in God is far much better than not believing especially given the potential outcomes.
According to him, believing in God is better since his existence translates to the outcome of
eternal happiness which better than not believi...

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