Determine the Social Issues Near Your Hometown and Around the Country

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determine, what social issues you see when you investigated food deserts near your hometown and around the country.

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Food habits of the people are similar in a particular area of the country. For example, the habits of people who are residing in the north of a country will be probably same but different from the people who are staying in the south. In general, the food deserts are influenced by the taste of the community, parent’s preference for the kids and their likings, social norms, and the cultureof nearby hometown. But at the country level, we came to know about the variety of deserts and tempt to taste them. So at that level, we influenced by the varieties, company of friends or family members, and requirement of the situations and availability of options for marriages and parties.

There is no doubt that there are positive effects of urban farming on the country. It helps us in various ways like in providing the employment of the people; provide food security and availability of food with safety. Besides that, it will provide the fresh vegetables and fruits to the urban consumers. It will help in responding the nutritious demand of the society by providing the quality food on time at reasonable price.

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