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For this week's DB, we are going to put the skills we have learned into action. Please answer the following questions, keeping in mind what we have learned thus far, using the text or lectures to support your ideas. Remember to properly cite any ideas that you use if they are not your own. Read the vignette and answer all of the questions listed below. Don't forget to respond to someone in your small group.

You are a social worker in a residential treatment facility for adolescent girls who have been placed there because of behavioral problems. In many cases, parents were unable to deal with their daughter’s behavior and chose to have them get treatment in a residential facility.

You have been running a weekly therapy group with eight of the girls for 10 weeks. You have been working in the “here and now” and the group has been very successful in dealing with interpersonal dynamics.

The director of the agency is really pleased with your progress and asks you to do a short term (4 weeks) group with the girls and their mothers. You have two weeks to prepare for the joint group.

  1. What are your goals?
  2. What are the possible conflict issues that may arise?
  3. How will you establish a feeling of safety in the group?
  4. How will you continue to support the girls but still support the mothers?
  5. What would be a good “icebreaker” exercise to do with this joint group? Why did you choose this one? What are you trying to achieve?

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Social Worker Residential Treatment Facility

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Social Worker Residential Treatment Facility
My main goal when working with the adolescent girls would be to stabilize their
behavior. I would also seek to identify whether there are family dynamics that require
intervention and encourage positive peer interactions and use of coping skills to manage anger. I
would also aim at fostering a trusting relationship with the girls by showing them that I care.
Further, I would be interested in finding ou...

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