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I need help with a Native studies assignment. Excellent work needed.

keenly follow all the instructions on the attached document.

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Assignment 6 – Final Research Essay Weight: 25% of your final grade Length: 2500–3000 words including references Due: after completing Unit 10 and Assignments 1–5 Instructions •  Choose a topic for your final research essay will allow you to further develop a particular interest in any one of the issues raised in the course. You are expected to incorporate references from outside the course material into the final essay. •  Check with your instructor regarding the appropriateness of your topic choice before proceeding. •  You may include Indigenous cultural information if you have such knowledge or has access to such knowledge. •  You are reminded not to choose essay topics or submit essays that you have completed for other courses or at other universities. Guidelines •  •  Review the Tips for Essay Writing section of the Course Information, and follow the guidelines provided there on structure and organization. •  Double-space and use normal margins; each page should be 250–300 words long. •  Use Times New Roman or Ariel 12-point font. •  Indent the first line of each paragraph. •  Number the pages. •  Use APA style to cite sources and list references. Help is available at and •  •  Include a References section at the end containing any references you have cited using APA style. Be careful not to inadvertently plagiarize by neglecting to list and cite all sources consulted for your essay. This includes both direct quotation and paraphrased material. See •  Review the Evaluation Criteria for Written Assignments in the Course Information. Edit for spelling and grammatical errors. AU Library Services and The Write Site offer extensive support for academic writing.
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Hello, will send you the paper tonight buddy

😀 hello buddy, find the attached documents. I have also accompanied the work with grammar and Turnitin report everything has been done perfectly. Please review it. If you need any edits...

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