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BUC Reasons Why Carbohydrate Counting Is Used For Clients with Diabetes HW

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Both Lutz,C., Mazur, E. & Litch, N. (2019). Nutrition and diet therapy: 7th ed. Philadelphia: F.A. Davia talk about

Why is carbohydrate counting used for clients with Diabetes?

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Reasons Why Carbohydrate Counting Is Used For Clients with Diabetes
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Reasons Why Carbohydrate Counting Is Used For Clients with Diabetes
Diabetes remains one of the leading causes of mortality across the world. It presents a lot
of burden to the public health system globally. It is considered as one of the major noncommunicable diseases that contribute to millions of deaths annually. Research shows that the
prevalence of diabetes among people of all ages, especially adults, has dramatically increased in
the past few years. From 1978 to 2015, the number of individuals living with diabetes had
increased from 108 million to 470 million, with the majority coming from developing countries.
In 2018, Solis-Herrera et al. (2018) report that the number had increased to more than 550
million. There are different treatment options for diabetes. One of the most commonly used
treatment options is lifestyle changes and dieting. While dieting, diabetic patients are
discouraged from consuming lots of carbohydrates. In fact, diabetic patients are encouraged to
embrace and make carbohydrate counting an integral part of their daily eating habits. Therefore,
this paper attempts to explain why carbohydrate counting is used for clients with diabetes.
Carbohydrates counting has become an essential and effective meal planning strategy for
clients with diabetes. By defining, carbohydrates counting refers to a meal planning strategy that
entails monitoring and track keeping of the amounts of carbohydrates eaten by a diabetic patient
per day. There are a number of reasons why carbohydrate counting is used for clients with
diabetes. Foremost, carbohydrate counting is used for such clients because it helps in managing
their blood glucose levels. According to Both Lutz, Mazur, & Litch (2019...

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