Discuss the Positive and Negative Impacts of Social Networking

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List three positive and three negative impacts of social networking. In your opinion, determine whether the positive impacts outweigh the negative impacts for a company determined to increase company awareness.

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Advantages of social networking:

1. So easy to keep in touch with family and friends, consolidating your relationship with them by Skype, messaging, photos. Etc.

2.  You can make new friends and contacts through your existing family and friends.

3. You can make your opinions and feelings known to thousands of people simultaneously.

Disadvantages of social networking:

1. You could spend so much time on social networking that you neglect your children or other family members.

2. If you spend too much time on social networking sites, there is a risk to your health, especially harming eyesight and risking obesity, because you are always sitting and not getting enough exercise.

3. Blunders and gaffes are made public for all to see.

Like any other media, social networking has advantages and disadvantages; it all depends how skilfully you use it avoiding the dangers as much as possible while maximizing the obvious advantages to meet your personal needs. 

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