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To participate in this discussion, you must first download and read through the document titled "The Drawbridge," which is attached this week's announcement. Follow the directions on this discussion thread once you have read through that story.

For your original post, rank order the main characters presented in the story from one to six based on how responsible you feel they are for the death of the Baroness. For example, if you feel that the Friend is the most responsible for the death of the Baroness, place them as number one on your list; if you feel the Gatekeeper is the second most responsible, place them in the second position...and so on to six. Then, provide a paragraph length explanation for why you placed the characters in that order.

Hint: There is no "correct" or "incorrect" way to rank the characters or explain their responsibility. Your original post is based on your perception of the character's actions and so you are encouraged to provide your honest response rather than posting what you think others would say. With that said, pay attention to the order in which the characters are placed and the explanations as to why they are placed in that order to see if any patterns emerge within people's original posts.

Be sure to read through the instructor's "Mid-week Report" for directions regarding your response post. (Remember: The "Mid-week Report" will be posted by 12pm/noon on Thursday during within that discussion thread under the heading "Instructor Post - Mid-week Report.")

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I believe that the following is the order of the characters responsible for Baroness's death
from the most accountable to the least.
1. Baroness
2. Lover
3. Friend.
4. Boatman
5. Gateman.
6. Baron.
Baroness was the most responsible for her death. She defied her husband's warning,
which was very clear that if she left before her husband came, then she will be severely
punished. This was clear enough that she was prepared for the punishment, and her death came
as a result of the punishment she had earlier been taught.
The lover is the second responsible for Baroness's death in the story. It was the influence
of the lover that had caused Baroness to leave her home and meet him. This was against the
warnings that had been given to her by the husband, the Baron. Because of the influence,
Baroness had been convinced that her husband would not be back before the dusk and sought to
break the warning and ignore the repercussions of severe punishment. Upon...

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