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1. Your assignment will be 2-4 full pages of your written work, plus the cover page, and reference page.

2. It is to be written in 12 point font and you will format it according to APA standards. Please use the APA formatted template I have in this week's Module when typing your paper.

3. Also, for this assignment you need 2 references:

  • 1 must be the textbook and
  • 1 must be academic/research/peer-reviewed articles.

5. You will have an introduction, thesis (what you plan to discuss/argue), and conclusion in your paper.

The body paragraphs will:

  • Define and describe operant conditioning (generally)
  • Define positive and negative reinforcement and provide examples of each
  • Define positive and negative punishment and provide examples of each
  • Argue which method of operant conditioning is most effective and why. This is the best place to use your scholarly article

5. Don’t forget – anything written in your paper that is someone else’s idea/work/research etc. must be cited WITHIN the paper and the full reference must be included at the end of the paper on the reference page. The APA template shows you how to do this.

6. If you are still concerned that you do not know how to paraphrase and cite sources properly,

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Behavior Conditioning
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Behavior Conditioning

In society, encouraging good behavior needs to be done, while corrupt practices need
shunning. There are various ways of encouraging good behavior within the people. The response
to a specific action determines if it's going to be continued or not. Behavior conditioning bases
on the idea that people learn behaviors from the environment. Thus, the response that gets
tolerated in the situation becomes more frequent. Conditioning of behaviors either encourages
them to continue or discourages them f...

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