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This analysis should be written in an objective fashion, as if you were writing a case note. After viewing the last segment of Yalom’s video series, please include the following in your analysis:

******THIS PAPER NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN IN APA FORMAT! (Proper in-text citation)*****

  • Date of group
  • Your name and title
  • Members present
  • Brief summary (one to two paragraphs) of the events of this session
  • Detailed analysis of the highlighted members in this session
    • Who are they? (HINT: group members to pay attention to: Bob, Allen, Darlene and Betty)
    • What do you think is going on with each of them, personally and in relation to the group? Please support your ideas with readings from the text and concepts discussed in class.
    • Develop one goal for each of the highlighted members and justify why you developed this goal. These goals should be things that the group members need to work on in this group. A goal should not be to refer them to another group or for individual counseling.

This analysis should be between three and four pages.

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Running head: GROUP ANALYSIS


Group Analysis
Name and title
Institution affiliation
Members present
Date of group



Summary of the events of the session
The last segment of Yalom’s video series was a therapy session that focused on
several issues that several members of the group were facing. The first issue that was pointed
out during the session was about members of the group, gaining a sense of belonging and
acceptance. In particular, Allen and Bob were able to open up about their sexuality during the
session, something they wouldn't have done during earlier sessions. The main reason why
they wanted the group to know about their sexuality was because of group cohesiveness that
made the two to be comfortable with their sexuality to the extent that they ended up
expressing it to the group without fear.
The second notable aspect of the session was the cathartic experience that most
members underwent through. Specifically, there were members of the group who shared their
feelings as well as experiences with the group to help relieve their guilt, pain, and stress. For
instance, Betty was of the view that expressing her everyday experiences enabled her to cope
with the stress she was feeling. However, during the session, it was noted that the group had
not been effective in providing lasting solutions to issues that group members presented
during the session. For this reason, members agreed on the need to ensure that they should
come ...

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