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Read the chapter on Psychology of Groups.

Read the article The Dynamics of Groupthink: The Cape Coral Experience

Write a reaction to the Cape Coral case study. Specifically, consider how the process of groupthink affected the overall experience. Be sure to discuss the group dynamics of influence, obedience, and conformity. Then, answer the following: Have you ever been part of a group that made a poor decision and, if so, were any of the symptoms of groupthink present in your group?

2. In this week's lesson you will further explore group behavior and groupthink.

Review the PowerPoint on Groups and Individuals (found in the Important Documents under Lesson 6)

Watch the video “Social Groups - Crash Course Sociology #16”

Next watch episode 38

Feel free to discuss the videos with a friend, family member, or colleague or consider it personally.

Think about and/or discuss with a friend, family member, or colleague personal and/or professional examples of social influence, as well as its impact on individual and group dynamics.

Read “How Many Arguments Are Enough to Be Persuasive?”

Read “Cognitive Biases in Legal Decisions”

Write a robust discussion paper on the implications of the information contained in the above articles. Specifically, the depth of social influence and how it might show itself in groups/groupthink opportunities. Use examples from the readings/videos to support your ideas.

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Groupthink refers to the concept of deciding on a team based on the majority of opinions.
As evidenced in the case study, some of the features of groupthink are that the final decision is
poor and barely challenged. Groupthink results from three main concepts; obedience, influence,
and conformity. The cape coral case study indicates that most people in a group fail to give their
opinion as a sign of obedience (Pautz, & Forrer, 2013). Some group members conform to the
reasoning of the majority regardless of the consequences.
Groupthink lists among some personal experiences during my teenage that led to negative
results. In my former neighborhood, I belonged to a group of friends that we made often made
wrong decisions. The group of friends used to meet during the weekends and after school as part
of leisure time....

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