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Week 5 Assignment: Project Part 2: Recruitment Sources and Selection Instruments Please review the instructions for the Project Part 2: Recruitment Sources and Selection Instruments (docx). Review the employee life cycle.

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Week 5 Assignment: Project Part 2: Recruitment Sources and Selection Instruments Please review the instructions for the Project Part 2: Recruitment Sources and Selection Instruments (docx). Review the employee life cycle. Project Part 2: Recruitment Sources and Selection Instruments – Due Week 5 Introduction: In section one of the project, a job description was developed for a specific position. In this section you will investigate and discuss the steps needed to identify appropriate recruitment sources and create a selection process based on the position in the job description. Instructions: 1. Identify two appropriate recruitment sources for the position in your job description. Remember, it is not as simple as posting an ad in the newspaper or on Craigslist. Do some online research to see where similar positions are posted. Be specific in naming the source. For example,”” rather than “an online job search site”. There are very effective low-tech methods as well, depending on the position. Provide a brief rationale for your choice. Remember that online searches may provide hundreds of applicant. Be sure the position warrants that kind of search. 2. Create a selection process. a. Will you require applications and/or resumes? Provide a rationale. b. Will you test applicants? What kind of assessments will you use? Your textbook has excellent information about the types of assessments available and their appropriate use. For example, a sales associate may need basic math skills and problem-solving skills. So using a cognitive test and a math test may be appropriate. c. Will you interview applicants? All, some? How many interviews per applicant? How will you decide? Remember that interviewing takes considerable time. 3. Please write ten legally defensible interview questions. Use situational and behavior questions (see textbook), avoid questions that can be answered with yes or no, avoid questions whose answers can be ascertained from a well-written application and/or resume. If you ask follow-up questions, those count in the ten. 4. Create an original job posting for this position. A job posting is more than listing responsibilities and qualifications. This is a marketing piece to attract MGMT2001 College of Online Education Johnson & Wales University the best candidate. It should be exciting and create some buzz about the position. Add pictures if you like. 5. Conclusion: Explain why your final selection process is sufficient to use as it relates to the employee life cycle. Please format your assignment as I have above, 1-5 including 2. a., b. and c. Be sure to answer all questions posed in 1-5. Submit this assignment as a Word document in the assignment link. MGMT2001 College of Online Education Johnson & Wales University
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Project Manager Position
Identify two appropriate recruitment sources.
E-recruitment has become the latest trend in the human resource field. It is done by
advertising job vacancies on the internet and utilizing web-based tools such as job portal,
company websites, online job boards, social media. Advertisement for the project manager
position will be posted on company websites, and other online platforms such as and interested applicants will send their applications and curriculum vitae (CV) through
the email, then selected candidates will be contacted. E-recruitment has proven to be an efficient
recruitment source because of its speed of acquiring applicants, and also the company will access
a large pool of talented candidates. The company can use placement agencies; placement
agencies keep records and databanks of a specific professional in the labor market; the company
will select their best match and, in return, pay the agency a commission. Using third party
recruiter is secure because organizations have an insightful look at candidates due to an already
existing connection (Muscalu, 2015).
Create a selection process.
The selection process will involve specific steps the company will take in choosing people
with desirable qualification from a pool of candidates from internet recruitment and placement
agencies. After training all individuals who will be involved in the ...

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