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1) Do you think there are too many people in the US? Why/why not?

If yes, what do you think should be done to curb overpopulation?

If no, do you think population growth should be encouraged?

 think about other nations' policies, immigration, economics..

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Yes there are lots of people in America today including undocumented workers. Obama is working on passing the amnesty law where it can help illegals get better access to citizenship. Only congress has not approved it yet. I feel the amnesty law will also help the economy and create more jobs and of course curb the population. I dont think population growth should be encouraged as we have enough people that want to live in america and pursue the american dream. The many policies of this country have changed since 9/11. Especially immigration laws in which it changes how visitors are able to get a visa to come to the US and undocumented workers are not able to have access to citizenship. Many families are being deported back to their countries which is a sad thing in my opinion because mostly people here in america just want to feed their families and make a living. And when americans like myself travel out of the country by law I have to have a passport. The laws and policies here in the US have changed alot.

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