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1.  ________Affects the performance of specific tasks

a. Awareness  b. incentive  c. Motivation  d. Training

2.The is _______ is the well-defined set of steps that a system developer follows in the development and maintenance of an information system.

d. System development lifecycle

3.  Instead of bring motivated by a desire to prove their art, hackers today by _______ and political ends.

a. Financial loss  b. Reputation  c. Financial Gain  d. Notoriety

4. ______are typically composed of all the physical items that might need to be factored into the protection scheme, including all equipment and other physical property.

a. Audits  b.  Comparisons  c. References  d. Baselines

5. The _____ is responsible for the evaluation of the effectiveness of the procurement function in ensuring the security of all purchased products.

a. SCO  b. OCS  c. COS  d. SSO

6.  The ______ developers the necessary control set to ensure that risks to personal data are controlled.

a. Privacy specialist  b. Incident specialist  c. Control specialist  d. Threat specialist

7. Criterion- based access control is typically implemented by means of a pre-programmed_______

 a. Authorization list  b. Access control list  c. Discretionary list  d. Access authorization list

8. The problem with protecting information is that it is nothing more than _______ for something of value in the real world.

a. Parasite  b. Analog  c. Process  d. Substitute

9._______ can ensure that the money that is invest in security provides the maximum benefit for the outlay.

a. Strategic evaluations  b. Focused evaluations  c. stressed evaluations  d. Coast-based evaluations

10. In the world of business, the most common model for access control is _________

a. R BAC  b. MAC   c. DAC  d. TAC

11. Data recovery ______ provide a hardware and software environment that is compatible with conditions of the primary site, as well as the most recent backup of the data.

a. Cold site  b. Warm sites  c. Hot sites  d. Procedures

12. ______ has been achieved if the level of the organizations community understanding and discourse is raised.

a. Motivation  b. Accountability  c Recognition  d. Maintenance

13. In the case of a (n) ________ incident, the aim response management is to ensure that the nature of the incident is understood in as timely fashion as possible, and the last possible response is deployed.

a. Expected  b. Possible  c.

14. ________ are defects in applications and system software that can be exploited by a threat.

a. Threats  b. Vulnerabilities  c. Risks  d. Patches

15. For_______ reporting purposes, the privacy specialist is also accountable to maintain ongoing and effective communications with key stakeholders.

a. Control  b. Compliance  c. Mitigation  d. Performance

16. ______ connect a network to a common resource such as the internet.

a. Switches  b. Proxies  c. Routers  d. Firewalls

17. Key_______ indicators provide a description of the outcome of each control activity, and each key goal must be measurable.

a. Performance  b. Goal  c. Risk  d. acceptance

18. _________ functionality is almost always put in the code that way for a malicious reason

a. Hidden  b. Direct  c. Required  d. Observable

19. The processes that are followed by each organizational unit amount to __________

a. Operating Instructions  b. Control Instructions  c. Standard Operating Procedure

d. Operational Standard

20. All of the behaviors that the creators of the EBK dumeed necessary to ensure fundamentally proper security were categorized into __________ competency areas.

a. 10  b. 12  c. 14  d. 16

21. The most frequently used method to identify hidden vulnerabilities is a __________

a. Code Execution  b.  Design review  c.  Code Inspection  d. sand box review

22._________ can be created to record use and even keystroke data .

a. System Logs  b. Application Logs  c. Specialized Logs  d. User Logs

23. The Enterprise continuity competency has the required functional perspective of __________

a. Manage Design  b. Manage  c. Manage, Design, Evaluate  d. Manage, Evaluate  

24. The process of _______ typically involves the generation of a forensically sound copy of the evidence for the purpose of analysis.

a. Data access  b. Data collection  c. Data retention  d. Data classification

25.  The EBK specifies that the ________ capacity must encompass organizational data in all forms of representation (electronic and hard copy) and it applies throughout the life cycle of that data.

a. Management of data security  b. Design of data security  c. Function of data security  d.  Design of data security

26. __________ is the second step in the process of implementing a formal compliance process.

a. Risk Discovery  b. Risk Tolerance  c. Risk mitigation  d. Risk assessment

27. ________ allow users who are outside the physical boundaries of the network to access the network and its resources.

a. Remote access  b. Acceptable use  c. Data security  d. Encryption

28. ______ is highly detail-oriented and required a roadmap of policies and procedures that is designed to ensure maximum compliance with a wide range of rules and regulations.

a. Chain of evidence  b. Chain of Ownership  c. Chain of custody  d. Chain of use

29. _______ are  commonly  accepted means of confirming the proper functioning of a given entity.

a. Audits  b. Reviews  c. Assessments  d. Tests

30. _______ are meant to optimize the cost risks factors for information that would be lost.

a. Checkpoints  b. Restore points  c. Recovery points  d. Back up points   

31. Analysis of EBK standard produced ________ critical work functions.

a. 14  b. 35  c. 41  d.53

32. _______ defines the requirements that will underline how separate of duties and least privilege will be assigned, and it underwrites the enforcement of the individual accountability.

a. Scanning  b. Screening  c. Treating  d. Reviewing

33. The ________ sets a specific period of time to retain each record type, after which that particular record is erased from the system or archived in places that are difficult to access.

a. Data access policy  b. Data security policy  c.  Data retention policy  d. Data loss policy

34. The _______ of a piece of information might be derived from importance of the idea or criticality of the decision or it can be represent simple things like your bank account number.

a. Value  b. Coast  c. Effectiveness  d. Assessment

35. ________  is the principal without continuous unkeep , a well- organized process will tend to fall apart every time.

a. Process entropy  b. System entropy  c. Collective entropy  d. Partial entropy

36.________ is implemented by a formal, organization wide physical security plan.

a. logical security protection  b. Virtual security protection  c. Physical security protection  d. Tangible security protection

37. The ________ plan defines the behaviors that the organization things will satisfy the EBK recommendation regarding the design and implementation of common function that are part of each competency area.

a. Design and implementation  b. evaluation  c. Assessment  d. Management

38. The regulatory and standards compliance competency has the required functional perspective of ___

a. Manage, design b. Manage  c. Manage, Design, Evaluate  d.  Manage, Evaluate

39. The definitions for the functional areas are listed in ________ of the EBK

a. Section 4.0  b. Section 4.1  c. Section 4.2  d. Section 4.3

40. The ________ is the person who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the products and security that are purchased by the IT function are trust worthy

a. Security architect  b. CISCO  c. CCIO  d. Security engineer

41. Every personnel security strategy has to specify the ________ that will be used to ensure the discipline behavior of all participants in the process

a. Process and standard  b. Process and procedures  c. Policies and procedures  d. Standards and references

42. In a ______  , the review team is led though the deliverable by the designer of the programmer

a. Walkthrough  b. Review  c. Test  d. Certification

43. In order to maintain _______  , it is important to obtain the appropriate authorization from the right manager

a. Chain of process  b. Chain of custody  c. Chain of direction  d. Chain of command

44. _____ simplify means that same actions taken by different people would still produce the same result

a. Repudiation  b. Reproducibilety  c. Integrity  d. Authenticity

45. It is the responsibility of ______ to ensure a continuous understanding of the company’s treat risk situation

a. Executive  b. Compliance  c. Security of operations  d. Digital forensics

46. The audit activity at each stage revolves around either preparing or reviewing

A. Audit results  b. Audit requirements  c. Audits controls  d. Audit documentation

47. The effectiveness of the work instruction has to be able to be ____ in order to ensure its consistency effective performance

a. Predicted  b. Assessment  c. Invested  d. Investigated

48.  The components of the governance process are called________ because the enforce specifics outcomes

a. Generated  b. Risk  c. Gates  d. Mortgages

49. _______ Included storages sources such as static means

a. Logical media  b.  Visual media  c  d. Virtual media

50. Digital operations are often _______




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