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Briefly describe how you used problem-solving skills to resolve a problem you encountered during your volunteering experience. (The problem may not have been one in the organization. It could be one you encountered that had to do with your role or how you were going to accomplish things as a volunteer.)

The IDEAL problem-solving process developed by Bradford and Stein (1993) is implemented by: (I) Identifying the problem, (D) Defining the problem, (E) Exploring strategies, (A) Acting on ideas, and (L) Looking for effects. Think back to the problem you discussed in DQ1 or use a new problem that you have experienced in your volunteer (internship) experience. How can you use the IDEAL problem-solving process to help you solve the issue you have encountered? Please give examples that engage each of the steps in the IDEAL model.

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Surname 1
Part one
As I will be in the field most of the time concerned with the spiritual affairs of the
community am serving, proper preparation in problem solving techniques is important. I will
meet different personalities who will demand their will to be heard and other personality-related
aspects. As such, conflict may arise among dissatisfied members. Thus, problem solving
techniques will be appropriate as a means of maintaining a peaceful association. First, I would
use meditation skills to solve conflicts among members. Most importantly, I would inquire from
both parties to present the grievances that lead them to such conflicts. Ones it’s done, we ...

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