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Aims Community College


Persuasive Speech Assignment

Topic: Cell phone use while driving in Colorado


Effectively use persuasive techniques and research to persuade an audience to take specific action. Students will choose one of 2 speech formats: Problem-Solution or Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. ( I prefer Problem-solution formats)


Prepare and present a 6-8 minute (shoot for 7 minutes in practice) speech that takes a stance and attempts to persuade an audience to take action. Students will use persuasive appeals, practice effective methods of reasoning, propose solutions to problems, gather and effectively present research, and argue effectively within an audience that might be apathetic or opposed to the ideas presented in the speech. Students will use carefully prepared note cards and this speech will be recorded.

Speech must include:

  • Introduction, Body, Conclusion (the parts within these will depend upon which speech format is used)
  • 7 credible sources minimum, in-text and verbally cited
  • Visual aid – minimum of 3 content slides using PowerPoint, Prezi, or Google slides

Materials: index cards—no full-page outlines or sheets of paper while you speak.

Speech Outline: This speech will be written in full sentence OUTLINE format. Correct any formatting errors from Informative speech. Be sure to pay close attention to formatting and labels.

Visual aids: A PowerPoint or Prezi presentation of at least three (3) content slides (required). Other visual aids are at the student’s discretion, but cannot replace the presentation requirement.

Sources: This is a research speech and you must include and cite 7 credible source citations during your speech. Use at least 4 scholarly sources. Refer to chapters 7-8 for citing sources within your speech.

        • Citations in your outline must coincide with the verbal presentation, not just be on the works cited page.
  • Must be MLA cited correctly.

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Cell Phone Use While
Driving in Colorado
(Persuasive Speech)

Introduction and Thesis
 500,000

youth face injuries every year as a
result of distracted driving (NHTSA n.p)
 Thesis: Using an example of the state of
Colorado, I would like to talk about the
dangers of using a cellphone while driving
and what can be done to solve the problem.

 Messaging

is the major distraction of
visual, manual, as well as cognitive abilities
 Cell phone use cause a high number of
accidents and deaths across Colorado
 Cell phone use when driving is discouraged
in Colorado (Landers n.p)


creative movements to increase
awareness regarding the problems of
messaging and driving (Forbes Magazine n.p)
 Laws about texting and talking while driving
in Colorado.
 Others: keeping the phone out of sight, turning
off notifications to avoid destructions, or
designating a person to do the work
( n.p).

 A discussion

of how dangerous texting and
driving really is
 Solutions to resolve this epidemic
 Persuasion to refrain from texti...

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